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About Whitmar Shine

Whitmar Shine Mobile Detailing is an independently owned family business that has been around the Central Texas area servicing Killeen, Harker Heights & Copperas Cove for quite sometime. We take pride in every vehicle we detail and EARN the customers trust for their detail needs.  Specialized in paint and interior conditioning, we go above and beyond any competitors labor by getting deep down into the cracks and crevaces to ensure a thorough and complete detail. We use top of line products to ensure a rich, showroom floor finish and a clean & conditioned interior.  Though we cannot guarantee that all vehicles will look showroom floor ready, we do guarantee your vehicle to look 100% better than before.


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Appointment Times: 9am - 12pm - 3pm
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Headlight Restoration
If there is one thing that can be considered a problem with headlights right now, it is when headlights are already starting to become yellow. Headlights that are already becoming yellow can become a hindrance especially when people are travelling at night. It can block the light coming from the lamp. As a result, people will not be able to see clearly. Older cars usually have this problem more than newer cars but this does not mean that new cars do not experience this as well. Here at Whitmar Shine, we can fix that for you.  
Carpet, Upholstery & Vinyl Cleaning
One way to preserve a "new car" feeling is to keep the interior clean and protected. You have to use some common sense and not let the dirt accumulate. The more dirt that is accumalated on your carpeting, seats & vinyl, the faster they will wear out. Keep your vinyl looking good, seats & carpeting clean and vacuumed at all times. Here at Whitmar Shine we will do it for you.

Severe Pet Hair Removal

.There is one thing that everyone with pets hate to see in their vehicles and it is pet hair. Pet hair gets embedded deep within the upholstry which  makes it almost impossible to vaccum and remove. Here at Whitmar Shine we have the tools and equipment that can completely remove pet hair with ease. 

Minor Scratch Removal

Scratches make any new vehicle dull and unpleasant. Here at Whitmar Shine, we are specialized in minor scratch removals that can bring the new look back to your vehicle. Come on in and ask for an estimate in removing those pesky scratches that is caused by shopping carts, keys, nails and more.
Leather Seat/Upholstery Cleaning 
There is nothing more annoying in having a shiny, clean car riding around town with dirty, dull and a faded interior. Here at Whitmar Shine, we use top of the line products to deep clean leather and fabric and restore it to new. 

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