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Frequently asked questions

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    What form of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, credit cards and debit cards .
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    Wax? Sealant? Which one should I use?
    Both waxes and sealants share the same goal, protecting your paint and enhancing the look of your vehicle. That is where the similarities end. Waxes are composed of natural ingredients whereas sealants are entirely composed of man-made materials. Waxes only last a month or two and sealants can last 4-12 months
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    Do you accept tips?
    Yes! At Whitmar Shine Mobile Detailing we strive to go above and beyond and certainly appreciate the recognition of a job well done.
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    How often should I get my vehicle detailed?
    Your vehicle should be fully detailed at least twice per year. That is the minimum for keeping your vehicle looking its best!
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    Why choose Whitmar Shine Mobile Detailing?
    The number one reason to choose Whitmar Shine Auto Detailing is because we are dedicated to providing quality work and strong customer service. We utilize the safest and most advanced techniques with the best products in the auto detailing industry. Typical detail shops focus on quantity, we focus solely on quality.
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    Why shouldn't I go to the car wash?
    Car washes specialize in high-volume jobs and have very low attention to detail. Their goal is to finish the job as fast as they can, which is why they cause so much damage to your vehicle.. The brushes used in a car wash are extremely abrasive and not nearly soft enough to be touching your car's delicate paint. Dirt washed off the cars sits on those brushes all day long
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    Do new cars need to be detailed?
    YES! Just because your vehicle is new, doesn't mean that it is perfect. All vehicles come from the factory with imperfections that dealerships do not remove prior to selling. Also, as discussed above, dealerships do not use proper wash techniques, resulting in swirl marks on a brand new vehicle.
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    Why type of products do you use?
    At Whitmar Shine Auto Detailing, only the highest quality products will be used on your vehicle. Whitmar Shine Auto Detailing uses strict wash techniques to ensure your vehicle is washed safely and effectively. We utilize the 2-Bucket Wash System as well as Rinseless Washing (only when appropriate), for maximum safety.
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